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Playing Fetch with Your Dog

Some people do not know how to play with their dog and this is not a shame. I have met some masters who really did not know how to play with their animals. However, there are several ways to play and to amuse your dog, it all depends on what you are looking for exactly because there are playful games and games with educational function, here are some examples:


 Develop the Sense of smell

You can develop your dog’s sense of smell by taking a toy like a stuffed toy, bury it at about 50 cm deep underground and have it dig it out

Be careful at first, try to help him a little, because it is possible that your dog does not understand the principle of the game. To avoid this, dig with him two or three times to awaken his curiosity, saying Toy or where is it  and then let it alone.

For the first time, as soon as your dog finds the toy, praise it excessively.


Develop Agility 

You can develop your dog’s agility in a very simple way, if you own a garden, grab a broom and place it between two seals. Take a lure (bait) and place yourself behind  the broom, and motivate your dog to jump over to pick up his treats.


To learn the order “go” 

This dog game is probably one of the most popular, only a ball is needed. Take one and throw it as far as possible by giving the order  “go” . You can make this game both on the water and on the ground, moreover this activity has multiple advantages because it allows for your canine companion to have not only an athlete body but also establishes a bond of trust between you and your dog.

A Frisbee can also do the trick! You have an amount of opportunity to educate your dog while playing.


Learn the “loose” order

Your dog is a predator, anything that rolls on the ground or is thrown such as a ball, Frisbee or balloon areas will trigger a chase reaction. This behavior is normal and natural in dogs. Your pet will try to run to catch its prey and shake it.  For this reason  many dogs run irresistibly behind launched soft toy.

When the dog takes the toy in his mouth, very often, he keeps it for himself and this behavior irritates the master. It is for this reason that you must teach your dog the “loose” order .

If your companion still does not want to let go of his toy, take a lure (bait) or other interesting object and show him to bait him. When your dog releases his toy, praise him!


5 Mistakes To Avoid When Playing With Your Dog


1 – Avoid playing with your dog after a meal because your companion is not safe from a stomach upset. And great races like the German Shepherd … are prone to this.

2 –  Avoid using small balls … because it is not impossible that your dog swallows them inadvertently.

3 – Avoid playing too much with your dog if he is old because he will not have the same endurance as a youngster. We must respect our abilities.

4 –  Avoid tapping the dog on the head if he does not want to let go of his toy.

5 –  Avoid running or chasing your dog if he does not want to return your toy to him as your pet might believe it is also a game.

When next you wonder why do dogs like to play fetch; Remember all the wonderful skills your dog learns through play.